About This Site

There are many people with different forms of ataxia all around the world. This site is simply meant to help us all connect, through the map and with other information that our members choose to share. If you have ataxia we invite you to join the site! Simply fill out and submit the form on the membership request page. We welcome you to explore this site to learn about others like you!

It is very important to know that this site is not affiliated with any medical organization and is not meant to replace your doctor. The site is run by one of your fellow ataxians and it is only meant to help us connect with each other. It's as simple as that.

If you are a newly-diagnosed patient or family member you should visit the NAF website, the FARA website (for FA), and the other references shown on the links page of this site.

If you are the parent of an ataxian, please be sure to visit www.FAParents.org and sign up for membership. You are free to enroll your child here if you'd like, but if your child is old enough to act on their own it would be wise to recommend this site to them and let them sign up for themself.

To learn about important upcoming events, visit the NAF and/or the FARA events pages.

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